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Do you view it at all as Survivor: The Movie, or in any other way that acknowledges the achievement? It's monumental to us on the creative side because we're proud. When it came down to Day 1 of Season 34, it was, "Let's maroon them in an interesting way.

When you know that your season premiere is the 500th episode of the series, does that add any extra heft to the episode? We're really proud that we've done what we think is a really good television show, going on two decades now.

Almost 17 years ago to the day, 16 men and women traveled to the South China Sea to play out the adventure of a lifetime. I really do believe that a lot of people who don't watch Survivor would love it.

But leave it to the millennials to give us a little love!

So we now strip search everyone.” Meanwhile, Probst made a brief, uncredited appearance on last night.

Tom Bergeron seemed to have lost his voice or perhaps was even choking, and he looked off-camera and said, “Would you do this one?

Richard was like, ‘I am not really worried.’ Our producers said, ‘It’s weird.’ Suddenly his group had fire.

I don’t remember who it was but somebody tracked it down and found this little vial.


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