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Free Personals & Online Dating - 100% Free Online Dating! Available in the App Store and Play Store Download for i OS   Download for Android Amazi...I was painfully shy as a child, to the point where my parents would say, 'Have you made any friends yet?YOU ARE READING Fanfiction This is a story about a girl who is dating Bryce Hall but has some troubles figuring out if he is the right one. "This is Simon's girl, Megan." Bryce says I wave and i get a wave in return. She was gorgeous."This is my girl, Sasha." Says Jacob squeezing her. " I say feeling the tears come to my eyes."Hailey..." He says stunned."Yeah let me guess. You were just a teenager who didn't know what love was. My love for you was latent, hidden, and when i first saw you i realized i loved you. Well Bryce goes on stage in 5 minutes." I rush over to Bryce and hug him from behind."Hello gorgeous." He says smiling."Aw stop." I say blushing"Ready to go on stage? " I wave smiling as my mic was turned on."Of course i had to come down to the city. Adorable." Maddie says"Yep i did." I smile at Bryce"And that's why i want to ask her this important question." I look at Bryce completely surprised."Hailey, ever since i heard about you, i knew i had to make you mine. Pure excitement shot through me and i smiled."Of course!! 😫 But hopefully you liked this chapter and thank you so much for the ones who commented/messaged me about characters. I am a white, mature guy, looking to make some new male friends in the area, I enjoy walking, cinema, theater eating out, eating in. Im honest, genuine, friendly, kind, outgoing and wit…

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Webdate is the worlds best 100% free online personals and dating service. This is the unique mark of the company or person responsible for sending the article for hallmarking.The sponsor may be the manufacturer, importer, wholesaler, retailer or an individual.Eric Clapton has confirmed he will play for three nights at London’s Royal Albert Hall next May.The British blues music icon will perform across three evenings for thousands of fans who will be hoping to hear timeless tracks including Lay Down Sally, Cocaine, and Tears In Heaven.Blake Gray is definitely the major problem from this. " I wave as i see him cuddling on the couch with a girl with long dirty blonde hair and gorgeous green eyes."Hello Hailey." He says smirking."Gosh Bryce do you tell everyone about me? I saw his cheeks turn bright red and i just laugh."I am kidding." I say"So I am guessing you know all of the boys but here are some of their girlfriends." Bryce says"This is Stevie, Hunter's girlfriend." "Hi! She has brown hair and blonde highlights and brown eyes. From me."So this is Hailey and Maddie." Bryce says"Yeah we know Bryce. "Bryce we have to talk...officially and see what the hell is going on. But i convinced myself that i didn't know what it was.""Blake i don't know what to." I say as he pulls me into a hug."This sucks because i love you but i love Bryce." I say"Hailey," he says grabbing my shoulders and looking at me in the eyes. It may take some time, but trust me, you will know who the right one is." Blake"Okay." I say nodding"Alright now lets go." He says as i wipe my tears following Blake."There you guys are." Maddie says grabbing me aside."Nothing happened in there right? " He asks"Yep." I say smiling "Bryce your on." Says a digi worker."Alright let's go beautiful." He says grabbing my hand. Again." He says I wave to some fans who screamed Maddie and I's name and then looked back at Bryce."Tonight we have three special guests with us!! I bet half of you see me walking in the streets here when i need inspiration." I laugh"But of course Hailey and I didn't come here to talk. " I say as he hugs me and spins me around."Let's get this party started!


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