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Griffin, a year younger than Lucas and 22 at the time, had been a successful film editor in the city for more than a year and was considered talented and intuitive – as well as 'cute as hell' with straight brown hair and a wispy voice.Lucas, who years later became a filmmaker, entrepreneur, and founder of Lucas Films, finally summoned the nerve to ask Griffin out out and friends wondered how little George got this great looking girl.I currently serve on several community boards and have won numerous awards for my leadership, business acumen, and community involvement.With these accomplishments and accolades, I am still single.As a busy professional, my quest for love is very challenging, but it has not stopped me in my pursuit to meeting and settling down with Mr. My journey through the good, bad, funny – and steamy – of dating and relationships inspired me to document the twists and turns as I believed certainly I could not be the only one experiencing these types of situations.The writings lead to my debut book, “Chronicles of a Serial Dater,” a memoir told through short stories that all end with a tip for the ladies and a tip for the fellas on the lesson(s) learned from each situation. It is at times wonderful and brings us much joy and happiness.A friend of mine sent me a video where a gentleman described this exact scenario and he went on to say that some men want a “weak-minded” woman with low self-esteem and not much going for them in their lives.

In the biography, George Lucas: A Life, published by Little, Brown, writer Brian Jay Jones tells of the filmmaker's decades of love adventures and how he finally found the woman of his dreams at age 61.

What did I not have or did not do to get or keep him? The real question is, would any of that make a difference.

I have asked myself questions like: Should I be needy or clingy? Why do some men say they want one thing, but chase after something completely opposite? Men have egos that need to be stroked and they do not want to feel emasculated by their women.

Yes, that very special day in February when the entire world seems to be nothing but a sea of red roses, chocolate and chocolate covered strawberries, and stuffed animals holding balloon. A: Don’t get me wrong, I’m very much looking forward to celebrating on Sunday with my boyfriend, but sometimes it seems there’s […] Read more…

A friend sent me the picture below not too long ago and it instantly reminded me of a time in my life (well let’s be honest here – SEVERAL times in my life lol) where I was all sad because I found myself interested in a man who obviously was not interested in me. In April 2016, I decided to take a no-dating fast since my friends were all concerned about my love life, or rather, lack thereof.


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