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One day this summer I woke up from a dead sleep, thought “Miss Honey is my summer style inspiration,” wrote it down and went back to bed. Miss Honey wears classic pastel dresses, understated makeup and has a non-dated hairstyle.Miss Honey is the teacher who keeps a tissue under her watch and that is so wonderfully specific.As children we adored this kind-hearted teacher who recognized each child as a full, complex and important person.As adults, we are even more touched by Miss Honey as a survivor of a traumatic childhood who keeps her soft heart after years of abuse. Cuthbert so much that when she invited her students to go to her wedding ceremony, I actually showed up.And she does it in a way that makes you feel like she’s more of an older sister, rather than an authoritative figure, making you more prone to listen and heed her instructions.She’s the kind of person that gave so much of herself to her class that she, too, would invite you to her wedding, and would give you a wink as she passed you while walking down the aisle.

Which popular teen retailer recently released a maternity line of clothes in stores in select states?

At one point in the movie she wears the best tortoiseshell glasses, although Book Miss Honey wears them all the time.

Justin Bieber vomited while appearing on this show so let’s hope the rest of our 15 minutes are a little more dignified.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your Superstar life, you will be greatly missed my friend~RIP Sam.

We want to welcome you all to Matilda Week, and nobody is more welcoming than Miss Jennifer Honey.


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