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Bendis' Daredevil stories, which ran from '01–'05, read less like traditional superhero adventures and more like urban noir detective stories — with just a pinch of heightened senses.

His and Maleev's run is collected in a three-volume "ultimate collection."What to read next if you love it: Daredevil: Born Again, by Frank Miller Since first appearing in a San Diego Comic-Con Comic in '93, Hellboy has appeared in a multitude of comics, books, and two feature films.

What happened to being fully present and burning an experience into my memory rather than saving it to my camera roll?

So many of my favorite moments aren't things you'll ever find on my phone or in photos: the anxiety and anticipation of riding in my first horse show, the joy of finding a note from a friend in my locker in high school, the nerve-wracking first night at college, the look on Nick's face when he told me how he felt about me, the sound of my friend's voice sharing the news that she got engaged... And while I wouldn't necessarily describe myself as a music person, I realized recently that many of these memories are tied to what I was listening to at the time. I can turn on certain songs and be immediately transported to that place or reminded of that person.

I Need You, I Love You, I Want You - Tenth Avenue North27.

Life's not always perfectly styled and beautifully lit.

And now we have solid proof thanks to some passionate PDA caught on camera. Dixons will have to wait just a bit longer, because Norman has himself a budding new relationship with 40-year-old actress Diane Kruger.

Since the matchup began as a long-standing friendship, we have a feeling this one will last a while.

The budding couple was seen emerging from Norman's Porsche in New York City last week, immediately sparking rumors of the new relationship.

Not much is known about the pair's official relationship status at the moment, but we're rooting for these crazy kids!


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