Updating social security card

The SSA may assign a new Social Security number to you if you are being harassed, abused, or are in grave danger when using the original number, or if you can prove that someone has stolen your number and is using it.

You must provide evidence that the number is being misused, and that the misuse is causing you significant continuing harm.

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Michigan law requires the Department of State to collect and verify Social Security numbers before issuing a driver's license or state identification card. driver's license, state identification card or U. You should first visit your local Social Security office to apply for a card in your new name before heading to a Secretary of State office. The department verifies all names and Social Security numbers before issuing a license or ID card.

Do you have to request your new card in person or is there a mail-in option? While it may seem like there are more questions than answers, we've done all of the research for you.

Click to learn the ins and outs of Social Security name change.

Michigan has worked hard to ensure the proper safeguards were in place to protect the personal privacy of state residents. If you have never been issued a Social Security card, you may apply for one at no cost at a local Social Security office.

You will need to: Acceptable documents include but are not limited to an original birth certificate, a U.


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