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He’s a recent widower (wife died of cancer in June 2010.) We started dating just after Labor Day. We live about an hour and 1/2 apart and he has a very high level job and a big house to take care of (and a dog.) There has been no sex yet but lots of “foreplay.” He says he always waits to have sex until he’s more sure of the woman.I want to see more of him at this point (3 months,) especially on Saturday nights.I can only imagine what it’s like for you to see her late husband’s photos everywhere you look.The idea of starting over in a new home is a healthy next step.After she asks Amy how she can tell that she's ready to start dating again, we love her response.

One of our readers mentioned that she is ready to start dating again after being divorced for a year, but is worried that her past relationship (which was plain terrible and a bad experience overall) habits are going to pop up in her new relationships.Yet, I’m thinking she hasn’t fully let go and truly ready to move on. She has asked me if the family pictures bothered me and I responded that this is her children’s home. I love hearing success stories of finding love the second time around.I guess I’m feeling that if she is ready to move on, she should be putting me first and replacing or removing his things in a few of these places. And yet, dating a widow can present a host of issues.I just read your book “Why He Disappeared” and really appreciated the great info.I have not “lost” the guy I’ve been dating for the past 3 months, but I need to fix some of the mistakes I was starting to make. and 1 in Oct.) when we saw each other on Saturday and Sunday (but no sleepover) we have only seen each other once a week. Where I need you to chime in is about the family pictures around the house, most of which include her husband.


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