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Feng indulges in some playful self-parody in the second and most overtly comedic yarn, “Bloody Vulgar,” centered around a massively successful commercial filmmaker (Li Chengru) who, tired of winning awards like the “Pacific Rim Pandering Prize” and “Sell-out Screenplay of the Year,” yearns for low-budget art-cinema respectability.Chris Evans (The Perfect Score, Not Another Teen Movie) and 7th Heaven star Jessica Biel dated for two years before splitting after they appeared in last year's Cellular.Critics criticized that the humor was cheesy and vulgar, the theme of the film was ambiguous and fragmented and its box office success is more due to clever marketing than film quality. Jian Bing Man 煎饼侠 (2015) Total gross:1.1 billion Yuan Douban rating: 6.5 Director: Da Peng Actors: Da Peng, Mabel Yuan, Liu Yan, Sandra Ng, Eric Tsang Genre: Comedy “Jian Bing Man”, also known as“Pancake Man”, is a Chinese superhero slapstick comedy directed by Da Peng.The film tells a story of a street pancake vendor who gets superpowers and decides to shoot his own film.A highlight of the film is its luxury guest actors including Deng Chao, Jean-Claude Van Damme and the four leading roles in Hong Kong gangster film “Young & Dangerous“. The Man From Macau 2 澳门风云2 (2015) Total gross: 974 million Yuan Douban rating: 5.8 Director: Wong Jing, Aman Chang Actors: Yun-Fat Chow, Nick Cheung, Carina Lau, Shawn Yue, Angela Wang Genre: Comedy, Action “The Man From Macau 2”, also know as “From Vegas to Macau 2” is a slapstick gambling-themed comedy movie.Personal Tailor December 20, 2013 Justin Chang Top-grossing Chinese helmer Feng Xiaogang has alternated between romantic comedies and big-budget historical epics with remarkable consistency in recent years, padding out two pleasant servings of “If You Are the One” with an earthquake-themed tearjerker (“Aftershock”) and a wartime famine drama (“Back to 1942″).

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“I decided to go nude because I think that nudity always creates a big reaction,” Elisabetta explained.

In the first segment, “Honest Instincts,” a chauffeur (Fan Wei) whose previous high-ranking employers were all busted for accepting bribes, decides to test his own moral resilience by assuming the role of a village chief.

Local peasants, foreign dignitaries and his own staff, all played by the Personal Tailor quartet (outfitted in an array of costumes by Dora Ng Li Lo), do their utmost to tempt him with financial and even sexual favors, though as Yang tartly observes, the “chief” turns out to be susceptible to a much more banal form of corruption.

Many good quality Chinese films were released this year and attracted the public into cinema.

Below is top 10 box office Chinese movies that have reached theaters.


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